International Media & Information Literacy Research Development Workshop in Salzburg

ATiT participated in the International Media & Information Literacy Research Development Workshop that took place from Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of January 2015 at the Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria. This two-day workshop gathered a group of leading scholars and policy makers in media and information literacy (MIL) to set an agenda and strategy for media literacy research that is global in scope and mapped to policy issues across the European Union and beyond. The workshop will focus on the sharing of perspectives and priorities for international research collaboration in the field of media and information literacy education.

EPOS's annual conference "Grensverleggers" emphasises importance of dissemination

EPOS or 'Europese Programma's voor Onderwijs, Opleiding en Samenwerking' is the Flemish National Agency that is in charge of the European education and training programs. The “Grensverleggers” event that took place on 16 January 2015 in the Flemish Parliament in Brussels is the annual key moment where the Flemish education and training community reflects on the achievements of the past year with regard to internationalisation in the domain. This year the emphasis was on the aspects “dissemination and exploitation of project results”. During their keynote address, Sally Reynolds and Mathy Vanbuel reflected on the experience that ATiT has gathered in this domain over the last 15 years, referring to projects ranging from Schoolsat over MEDEAnet to Web2LLP and iPro. In the afternoon, Sally and Mathy collaborated with a small group of practitioners in a workshop to exchange further experiences and tips and advice. Flemish Minister of Education Hilde Crevits, who again focused on the importance and value of working across borders also in education, closed the meeting.

Media & Learning Association presented at TEAC14 in Zagreb

Sally Reynolds presented the Media & Learning Association at the Telecentre Europe Annual Conference held from 24-26 September in Zagreb, Croatia. Telecentre Europe is about to become the first network member of the Media & Learning Association while the association is in the process of signing a MoU with Telecentre Europe to explore projects and activities of mutual interest which includes in-service and pre-service training in media production for teachers and finding ways to meet the educational needs of SMEs in media-related businesses. 

Knowledge Exchange Workshop at the Indonesian BNPB, National Agency for Disaster Management

From 24th till 28th of March 24 Mathy Vanbuel visited the Indonesian National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) (BNPB (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana - to work with them on the development of capacity in the area of disaster management. As part of a team from the World Bank, he delivered a workshop in the university of Indonesia on GDLN and the use of videoconferencing for distance training. Together with Steffen Janus (WB) and Nicolas Meyer (WB) he provided a well attended workshop titled "The art of Knowledge Capturing" at the University of Gadjah Mada ( in Yogyakarta. More than 40 participants, students of the University's MTPBA Program as well as staff and cadres from the national BNBP and local BPBDs joined the workshop to explore ways in which their experiences and expertise could be captured in order to be shared and exchanged with others. This workshop may be provided to other organisations in the future.

Media Studies – New Media and New Literacies, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

On Thursday 24th and Friday 25th January 2013 Mathy Vanbuel participated in the Forward Look Final Conference “Media Studies – New Media and New Literacies” organised by the European Science Foundation that took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Forward Look on Media Studies – New Media and New Literacies was designed to address some of the societal challenges posed by the profound changes in media and communication technologies and cultures over the past two decades, namely by defining a common European research agenda for media studies and specifying the institutional frameworks that would promote the organisational cohesion of media research in Europe.

The Final Conference followed closely on the four thematic workshops in 2012 which were devoted to defining challenges in key areas of research in media studies (see The Final Report of the activity that includes research and policy recommendations, was discussed during the conference which brought together a broad audience of key stakeholders: researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and others. The conclusions of the conference will feed into the final report that is expected to be widely disseminated among academic and policy audiences in April 2013.

AADLC Workshop takes place in Mombasa, Kenya

On January 24-26, Mathy Vanbuel from ATiT was part of the team involved in the delivery of the AADLC Workshop on Knowledge Transfer in Change Management, organised by the Kenya Global Development Learning Centre on Behalf of AADLC in Mombasa, Kenya. This workshop focused on deveopments taking place within the AADLC on a number of issues including IT and Learning Design, Business Development and Governance and Marketing Strategy.

Workshops on FP7 Proposal Evaluation and Selection

Mathy Vanbuel from ATiT led two capacity development workshops in Jordan on 10-11 February for the Jordanian Higher Council for Science and Technology. The workshops were on Guidelines on Proposal Evaluation and Selection Procedures of FP7 projects and Individual Evaluation of real FP7 proposals.

These workshops were organised in the context of the Program for Capacity Development for the Jordan Research Community funded by SRSF, the Scientific Research Support Fund at the Ministry of Higher Education.

Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels

Almost 2000 people are taking part in the Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels organised by the European Commission on 16-17 June. Sally Reynolds from ATiT facilitated the workshop on 'Mainstreaming e-Learning in education and training' which took place on 16 June and which identified successful eLearning policies, drivers, opportunities and expectations.

Outputs from this workshop contribute to a set of priorities and actions encouraging Member States to innovate in their education and training through adopting and integrating e-Learning into teaching and training. They also include recommendations to the Commission on how to support the Member States in this endeavour. This workshop represents the "kick-off" of the Digital Agenda action 68.

Investigating Innovative Virtual Schools and Colleges

A new research project to investigate Virtual School and College Provision called VISCED has just been launched with the support of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme.
Partners in the VISCED project including ATiT are making an inventory of innovative ICT-enhanced learning initiatives and major ‘e-mature’ secondary and post-secondary education providers for the 14-21 age group in Europe.  This includes a systematic review at international and national levels as well as a study into operational examples of fully virtual schools and colleges. The outputs of this work will be analysed and compared to identify relevant parameters and success factors for classifying and comparing these initiatives. This initiative is open to researchers and policy-makers, all outputs will be published on the VISCED wiki.

Training workshop at the LGA Philippines

During a one week visit to the Philippines, Mathy Vanbuel assisted the Local Government Academy (LGA) of the Philippines in their process of evolution towards the implementation of learning, knowledge brokering/connection, knowledge exchange, and innovation technologies in their capacity building strategy. The visit consisted of a three day intensive training workshop on e-moderation, content conversion and videoconferencing, which took place at the LGA Training Centre in Los Banos. A visit to the LGA Resource Centre in Region 7 in Cebu concluded this week.