Places available on online social media course in September in either French or English

A 10 hour course on the use of social media  to support LLP managers and partners beginning in September is now open for registrations. This course is made up of 5 one hour webinars and a series of tasks and activities carried out by participants in their own time. Drawing on the expertise of the Web2LLP project partners, this course will also feature inputs from colleagues with experience in the use of social media to support LLP projects. The course in English will begin on Wednesday 4 September at 15.00 CET, and in French on Friday 6 September at 10.00 CET. Register for the English course here  and for the French course here .

Web2LLP’s online Italian course successful with 35 participants over 5 sessions

The first online social media course for LLP project managers the Web2LLP project organised attracted 35 people who attended one or more sessions. This course delivered in Italian consisted of online preparation tasks and 5 webinars that were conducted from 4 June to 2 July 2013. The course organiser PIXEL, with support from ATiT, organised this webinar series so that managers of lifelong projects could find out how to set up a web strategy and communication plan, discover different social media tools and how to manage them and analyse their impact. Other topics included sharing online content (through curation), and the final session consisted of a round-table with 3 experienced managers who described how they used social media and how they solved common issues when implementing social media to disseminate their work in LLP projects. View the recordings and presentations of this course here.
If you would like to participate in the English course (4 September – 2 October) or the French course (6 September – 4 October), you can register for one or more sessions for the English course and for the French course via the project website. You will receive an automatic e-mail with the webinar link(s).

Supporting the Social Media Requirments of European Projects

Sally Reynolds from ATiT gave a presentation about the Web2LLP project on Saturday 15 June during the annual EDEN conference held this year in Oslo. Her presentation entitled  “Steering a Safe Route through the Social Media Minefield” is available on the Web2LLP SlideShare account. 

In this presentation she focused on the findings of the project team in relation to social media usage amongst Lifelong Learning Projects supported by the European Commission and highlighted several good practices. She went on to describe the work being done by the project team to support LLP projects in their use of social media and finished with several recommendations emerging from this experience.

Find out more about this project here and sign up for the next course delivered online about the use of social media to support Lifelong Learning Projects.

Web2LLP Online Pilot Course in full swing

The online social media course aimed at Lifelong Learning Project managers and staff being run by ATiT as a partner in the Web2LLP project is now fully operational. The first two weekly sessions of this 5 week course have been delivered to up to 30 participants and responses have been really positive so far. This course serves as a pilot for the full version of the course which will be run in Italian in June and in French and English in September. To find out more including how you can register, visit the Web2LLP online training site.

Web2LLP launches online social media training for LLP project managers

Web2LLP project partners have launched a series of free online training courses about the use of web strategies and social media tools aimed at anyone involved in European projects supported under the Lifelong Learning Programme.

These courses are made up of 5 modules each lasting 2 hours which will be delivered via webinar sessions taking place at different times in April and May. There will be three such courses, one in French (starting on 19 April), one in Italian (starting on 23 April) and one in English (starting on 30 April). To find out more and to register for one of these courses please visit the online course information. The number of people who can be accommodated is limited so early registration is encouraged.

The project web site now contains a wealth of resources on the topic of social media including video tutorials, showcases, downloadable versions of the 3 handbooks, video tutorials as well as showcases of good-practice LLP projects with interviews, along with links to other useful materials and resources.

Web2LLP course for European LLP project managers off to a good start

This week ATiT is organising a week-long course on Webstrategies and Social Media for LLP Projects in the framework of the Web2LLP project. 8 highly motivated LLP project managers from 6 European countries (Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Spain) are working together in groups to create dissemination strategies and action plans to improve the dissemination and reach of lifelong learning projects.

Beside domain experts and trainers from within the Web2LLP partnership, guest speakers include Bernard Van Isacker (PhoenixKM), Kamakshi Rajagopal (Open University, The Netherlands) and Valentina Garoia (European Schoolnet).

Those who missed this hands-on course can visit the project website for video tutorials, video showcases, 3 handbooks and resources. In April-May the partnership is also organising a free online course series of 5 webinars in English, French and Italian, contact us for further information.

Second partner meeting for Web2LLP

ATiT staff met with its Web2LLP partners at the second project meeting which took place last week on 4-5 October 2012 in the warm and culture-rich city of Florence, Italy. With this project we aim to improve web strategies and maximise the social media presence of lifelong learning projects.

During the meeting the partners discussed the results of the user needs analysis of LLP project managers' use of social media in their web strategies.120 responses are being analysed which are being used to inform both the online and face-to-face training which will take place in the first part of 2013 and which ATiT is organising. In the coming months, the partners will be finalising and publishing interviews with project managers showcasing good practice in the use of social media for dissemination and valorisation purposes as well as preparing 2 handbooks on establishing efficient web strategies and integrating social media.

Survey and courses launched on Social Media usage by European Projects

Social media are increasingly important for Lifelong Learning Programme projects as they provide important validation and verification channels. The Web2LLP project is organising face-to-face and online courses on web strategies and social media for managers and members of LLP projects. The week long face-to-face course will take place in Leuven, Belgium on 18 – 23 February 2013 and you can apply for funding to your LLP national agency by September 2012.The online courses will be held in February – July 2013. These 10 hour courses organised in 5 modules of 2 hours each are available in English, French or Italian and will be backed up by an online help desk and support service. Furthermore, to help better understand your training needs in respect to social media, you are invited to complete a very short questionnaire which will take no more than 5 minutes to fill in. Find out more from the Web2LLP website http://www.web2llp.eu/


Training in the use of social media and Internet strategies for European project managers

ATiT recently launched a website for Web2LLP which aims to boost the dissemination strategies of LLP projects by providing personalised support and training on the integration of social media. The team will also identify best-practices and share resources. The partners in Web2LLP are University of Luxembourg, Web2Learn, Coventry University, Pixel and PAU Education as well as ATiT. The project team will provide a pilot online course in autumn followed by face-to-face and online courses in Spring 2013. Find out more from the project website.

Successful Kick-Off Meeting for Web2LLP project

ATiT staff met with Web2LLP project partners last week on 1-2 March 2012 for the Web2LLP Kick-Off Meeting hosted by DICA-lab in one of the campuses of the University of Luxembourg in Luxembourg City.

Web2LLP aims to boost dissemination strategies of LLP projects through providing personalised support and training about integrating social media, as well as through identifying best-practices and sharing resources. Following a pilot training, ATiT will organise a face-to-face training and five two-hour online (videoconferencing) sessions aimed at current and potential LLP project managers in the beginning of 2013. The face-to-face week-long training will be organised in Leuven, Belgium and a grant to cover the full costs of participation including accommodation and flights is available through the Comenius/Grundtvig programme of the European Commission.

ATiT is also responsible for the project dissemination and will publish the project website soon. You can already subscribe to the Twitter Channel and join our Diigo group where we share related resources. Web2LLP is funded with support from the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme.