We provide a range of management services in relation to technology enhanced learning projects. This includes the set up and management of pilot projects designed to field test new and innovative tools and platforms and user trials to assess the use and acceptance of new technology enhanced learning services.

The March issue of the Media & Learning Newsletter is out!

Highlights in this month's newsletter include an article on Embodied Learning by Karien Vermeulen, Waag Society (The Netherlands), an article on The value of video in education by Rob Higson, University of Derby (UK), an article on Media for Science Education by Dennis Liu, Head of Educational Media, HHMI (USA), news articles about the series of M&L webinars, the launch of the new round of MOOCs by the EMMA project, the deadline for submissions for the Inspiring Science Education Light Competition (31 March 2015) and plenty of other notifications and announcements related to the use of media in education and training.

You can see the newsletter here.

February issue of the Media & Learning Newsletter now published!

Highlights in this month's newsletter include an article on Media and information literacy (MIL) at UNESCO by Georges Boade from UNESCO, an article on EDIT2014: A Finnish, Austrian and German Video Pedagogy Collaboration by Janne Länsitie and Blair Stevenson from Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Finland), an article on Using Open Media Archives by Theo Kuechel, Education Consultant (UK), news articles about the series of M&L webinars, the opening of the School Education Gateway, and plenty of other notifications and announcements related to the use of media in education and training.

You can see the newsletter here.

JamToday Fair held in Brussels

The first annual fair of the JamToday network took place in Unioncamere Piemonte & Neth-ER in Brussels on February 11.  It brought together about 80 different people from different sectors and (new) partners of the network interested in creating game-based solutions for challenging problems. The day was a mix of talks, workshops on setting up and running your own game jam and demonstrations of some of the games created in the last round of game jams organised by JamToday partners. Sally Reynolds gave a talk as part of the programme on the type of issues faced by game producers when creating games to be used in classrooms, where she drew on experiences of introducing teachers to games made during JamToday game jams which aim to teach students how to programme. More here.

Seminars on learning Analytics prove very popular at Bett Show in London

It was standing room only at the Bett 2015 show on 23 January for the two LACE seminars organised by ATiT that made up the project’s first public annual meeting. This event was aimed at those interested in finding out more about Learning Analytics and how they could get involved in LACE. The first seminar led by Doug Clow was entitled “Creating an Action Plan for Learning Analytics” and attracted a very mixed audience of around 70 people including complete academic newcomers, experienced researchers,  vendors and national agencies.

The second seminar led by Jan Hylén, working with Skolverket in Sweden was entitled “Learning Analytics: Making learning better” and attracted about 140 people. This session focused on examples and experiences with the inputs of Michael van Wetering from Kennisnet in the Netherlands, Doug Clow, Senior Lecturer, Open University and Peter Karlberg, National Agency for Education in Sweden all talking about practical experiments and experiences in using learning analytics in different contexts. Read more about the seminars and the work of LACE here.

International Media & Information Literacy Research Development Workshop in Salzburg

ATiT participated in the International Media & Information Literacy Research Development Workshop that took place from Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of January 2015 at the Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria. This two-day workshop gathered a group of leading scholars and policy makers in media and information literacy (MIL) to set an agenda and strategy for media literacy research that is global in scope and mapped to policy issues across the European Union and beyond. The workshop will focus on the sharing of perspectives and priorities for international research collaboration in the field of media and information literacy education.

New STEM related workshops for Flemish Teachers

ATiT will be running a series of workshops for Flemish Science Teachers as part of the Inspiring Science Education project. On 25 February a workshop with Rhombus will focus on different aspects of science utilising their expertise in data acquisition. A Practice Reflection Workshop on 25 March in cooperation with the Institute for Education-and Information-Sciences will give teachers the opportunity to feed back their experiences with using ISE related tools and learning scenarios.

More details on the individual workshops will be available soon on the Inspiring Science Education website Events listing or email to receive details. For the latest news and views on Inspiring Science Education visit facebook Twitter

The January issue of the Media & Learning News is now available!

Highlights include an article on Teaching history with Jalons by Elsa Coupard from INA (France), an article on Explanation Videos by Jörn Loviscach from Fachhochschule Bielefeld (Germany), an article on Video as a reflection tool for pre-service teachers by Brendan Calandra from the Georgia State University (USA), news articles about MEDEAnet and M&L webinars, dates announced for next Media & Learning Conference and plenty of other news, notifications and announcements related to the use of media in education and training.

You can see the newsletter here.

Join us for LACE Learn Live events on Learning Analytics on 23 January at the Bett Show

Partners in the LACE project are organising a high profile meeting in London during the annual BETT show centred on two seminars taking place as part of the Learn Live Seminar Series on Friday 23 January. The first, aimed at the Higher Education sector, takes place from 11.30 to 12.15 in the Learn Live: HE Learning Value and the Future Workforce FE Theatre and is entitled “Creating an action plan for learning analytics”. The second called “Learning Analytics - making learning better?” is aimed more at the schools sector and will take place from 12.30 till 13.15 in the Schools Learn Live: Secondary theatre. LACE will be hosting a lunch after these two events for invited guests including associate partners, find out more here. Registration for BETT is free, sign up for the World's Leading Learning Technology event, which expects to attract over 35,000 visitors this year here.