ATiT organises, creates and delivers customised training courses for clients in the use of technology for education and training purposes. This includes training in the creation and use of video resources for teaching and learning, the capture and use of audio including radio production and effective use of videoconferencing for communication and learning purposes. It also includes training in media selection, delivery mechanisms and distance teaching.

New webinars on Video use in Higher Education

The Media & Learning webinar series on Lecture Capture and Video Use in Higher Education continues: the next one, Defining the market: trends for products and interactivity, is going to take place on March 12 at 15:00 (CET). Visit the M&L Association website to check the entire list of webinars scheduled from today until June 2015. You will also find the recordings of the first two webinars of this year: New assessment strategies for the media-rich class and The creation of videos to support students’ learning. Stay tuned!


International Media & Information Literacy Research Development Workshop in Salzburg

ATiT participated in the International Media & Information Literacy Research Development Workshop that took place from Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of January 2015 at the Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria. This two-day workshop gathered a group of leading scholars and policy makers in media and information literacy (MIL) to set an agenda and strategy for media literacy research that is global in scope and mapped to policy issues across the European Union and beyond. The workshop will focus on the sharing of perspectives and priorities for international research collaboration in the field of media and information literacy education.

EPOS's annual conference "Grensverleggers" emphasises importance of dissemination

EPOS or 'Europese Programma's voor Onderwijs, Opleiding en Samenwerking' is the Flemish National Agency that is in charge of the European education and training programs. The “Grensverleggers” event that took place on 16 January 2015 in the Flemish Parliament in Brussels is the annual key moment where the Flemish education and training community reflects on the achievements of the past year with regard to internationalisation in the domain. This year the emphasis was on the aspects “dissemination and exploitation of project results”. During their keynote address, Sally Reynolds and Mathy Vanbuel reflected on the experience that ATiT has gathered in this domain over the last 15 years, referring to projects ranging from Schoolsat over MEDEAnet to Web2LLP and iPro. In the afternoon, Sally and Mathy collaborated with a small group of practitioners in a workshop to exchange further experiences and tips and advice. Flemish Minister of Education Hilde Crevits, who again focused on the importance and value of working across borders also in education, closed the meeting.

MEDEAnet workshop on use of media resources in the Special Needs classroom

MEDEAnet and Canon Cultuurcel from the Flemish Ministry of Education organised on 26th of November a Workshop on Use of audiovisual archive material in the class room, specially aimed at teachers special needs elementary education. This well attended workshop was introduced by Dirk Terryn from Canon Cultuurcel. Dalida Van Dessel (Beeld en Geluid Nederland) kicked off the meeting talking about the use of media in the class room, giving practical tips and tricks for the use of audiovisual resources in the teaching practice based on the experience built up in Beeld en Geluid. Leen De Bruyn from the Vlaams Instituut voor Archivering VIAA then introduced Testbeeld, the Flemish audiovisual archive material in the class room. During a hands on session, all participants got an opportunity to work with Testbeeld en provide feedback, ideas and comments about this new platform. More info about the platform presented to day on Testbeeld, Beeld en Geluid and Werkvormenplanner which was launched today.

Update for the Online Scoring Platform (OSP)

We have just finished implementing a major update of the Online Scoring Platform (OSP) for +he Academy. The OSP offers a mechanism to record training results for gynaecological endoscopists, to hold reporting and certification sessions in accredited centra and to issue accompanying certificates and diplomas. It was officially launched at the 23rd annual congress of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE).

Video in Science Education Workshops in Ireland

The ATiT team are busy this week running workshops in Dublin on the use of video to support science teaching. This includes a one day dedicated pre-conference workshop on creating video clips illustrating assessment techniques in Inquiry Based Science Education which was held on Monday 23 June for  partners in the SAILS project. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday  further workshops on the use of video generally in science teaching are being given by Mathy Vanbuel as part of the SMEC/SAILS conference bringing together almost 200 teachers and teacher educators from all over Europe. This conference was opened on Tuesday 24 June by Sean Sherlock, Irish Ministrer of State at the Department of Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation.


Teachers Workshop on Strengthening STEM Competencies in the Classroom

As part of our work in supporting the roll-out of the Inspiring Science Education project for Flemish schools, ATiT is co-organising a workshop with Rhombus who supply Vernier products to Flemish schools on Wednesday 14 May from 14.00 to 17.00 in the Rhombus training centre in Antwerp. Part of this workshop will focus specifically on the use of video in the science teaching classroom and will feature the Video Physics app from Vernier which supports physics teachers by providing an easy to use method to perform on-the-go analysis of interesting motions like measuring the velocity of a child’s swing, a roller-coaster, or a car. This interactive Inspiring Science Education workshop will provide an opportunity to find out about the latest Vernier applications and how you can access them through participating in the Inspiring Science project. This workshop will be in Dutch, find out more including how to register for free here.

Knowledge Exchange Workshop at the Indonesian BNPB, National Agency for Disaster Management

From 24th till 28th of March 24 Mathy Vanbuel visited the Indonesian National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) (BNPB (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana - to work with them on the development of capacity in the area of disaster management. As part of a team from the World Bank, he delivered a workshop in the university of Indonesia on GDLN and the use of videoconferencing for distance training. Together with Steffen Janus (WB) and Nicolas Meyer (WB) he provided a well attended workshop titled "The art of Knowledge Capturing" at the University of Gadjah Mada ( in Yogyakarta. More than 40 participants, students of the University's MTPBA Program as well as staff and cadres from the national BNBP and local BPBDs joined the workshop to explore ways in which their experiences and expertise could be captured in order to be shared and exchanged with others. This workshop may be provided to other organisations in the future.