ATiT wins prize at the GINCO AWARDS 2012 – Best Practice in ICT use

October 5, 2012

ATiT was runner-up at this year’s GINCO AWARDS 2012 with the course “Using video to support lifelong learning” in the category: “Best Practice in ICT use”. This hands-on course has been organised three times a year since 2011, and aims to teach teachers and trainers how to use and create their own educational video from scratch. The GINCO Award Ceremony took place on 28 September in Hasselt during the international conference “Quality Course Provision for Grundtvig".

There were three award categories:  “Innovative use of ICT in all aspects of course delivery”, which was won by the TACCLE IST course, a course where participants create their own e-learning content. The award in the category of “Excellence in validating outcomes for participants”, went to the course “The Glottodrama Method” which aims to provide language teachers with more creative tools with the help of theatre. The last category: “Quality of course content and pedagogy” was won by ‘UNEC - Stars under the cobblestones’, a course to improve multi-cultural skills for teachers and trainers. ATiT’s next video course for teachers & trainers will be organised in March 2013 in Leuven.