Education Repositories Seminar

March 27, 2010

The EdReNe thematic network held their 4th strategic seminar on repositories of learning resources in Barcelona from 24-26 March. EdReNe brings together people responsible for European webbased repositories with content owners and other stakeholders within education. This seminar explored EdReNe’s overall themes: which repository strategies work, how do we engage users and producers, which are the relevant standards to ensure interoperability, and how do members address the complex handling of intellectual property rights.

It also provided an opportunity to launch the next stage of EdReNe's life as an independent network and about 80 people attended including many of the associated members of which ATiT is one. For more information about the interesting work EdReNe is doing including their recently published series of synthesis reports, visit the EdReNe website.

EdReNe brochure