New Media in a digital world: Tool or Threat for Learning?

September 20, 2010

The Media & Learning Conference Brussels 2010 on 25 and 26 November 2010 addresses how new media can contribute to improve learning.  Media literacy and digital fluency are amongst the most important skills young people can learn in order to find, use and create accurate information to become the creative citizens of a future society. But how can educators be sure that learners are learning better thanks to media?

During this conference practitioners, experts and researchers will discuss how learners handle video and audio in a meaningful and thoughtful manner to support their learning, how media repositories complement existing teaching and learning materials effectively, how young people learn by creating their own media and how ICT can enhance the teaching and learning process. The programme for the conference is now finalised and available online and it will be supported by an online discussion to facilitate networking and exchange of ideas before, during and after the conference within the Media & Learning community of practice.

The MEDEA Awards Ceremony takes place on Thursday 25th November alongside the Media & Learning Conference, where the winners of this year’s awards will be announced. More information from the conference website.

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