The Citizen E Best Practice Manual

October 18, 2006

Citizen E is a European project partially funded by the European Commission's Minerva Programme that ran from October 2004 till September 2006. Its objectives were to improve teachers’ ICT skills as well as their intercultural communication skills and to develop and share useful teaching materials related to European citizenship. During its lifetime, the project revolved around a commonly used online platform aimed at European teachers involving almost 1500 teachers and students in Italy, Poland, Ireland and Belgium.

One of the key activities of the project was to disseminate best practice regarding e-twinning activities. Based on the experiences gathered during Citizen E, the project partners have written a Best Practice Manual intended as a guideline for European and national training institutions who are interested in setting up school twinning activities. This Best Practice Manual includes guidelines and recommendations as well as concrete examples of school twinning activities carried out during the project lifetime.

Download the Citizen E Best Practice Manual here