Video portals and user experiences, a EUscreen workshop

February 13, 2010
The National Library of Sweden and the Swedish National Archive for Audiovisual Material in Stockholm organised on Thursday 11 February 2010 a workshop to document and support their work in the EUscreen Project, the European Commission supported project in the eContentPlus Programme. EUscreen aims at providing access to Europe's television heritage through an online portal with videos, photos and contextual information. During the workshop held at the National Library in the heart of Stockholm, Mathy Vanbuel gave an introduction to the discussion, lead by

Pelle Snickars from the National Library of Sweden, about advantages and disadvantages of the coexistence of different user categories (General Public / Education / Research / Creative reuse) on a single video portal such as the one conceived in EUscreen. Tobias Golodnoff from the Danish public broadcaster DR presented their experiences from the DR project Bonanza and Andy O'Dwyer from BBC presented experiences regarding the user perspective in Video Active and similar projects at the BBC.

National Library of Sweden, Stockholm