Crucial course providers meeting for EMMA at UNINA in Naples

September 4, 2014

The EMMA consortium, working on the deployment of EMMA, has gathered at the University of Naples Federico II, to discuss the last design issues of the platform before preparing the launch of the first 10 MOOCs, of which 5 will be open for subscription from the end of September onwards, and starting by mid-October. EMMA, the European Multilingual MOOC Aggregator, is a large higher education project supported by the European Commission.
The development team at UNINA has been working very hard and the result is now an impressive aggregator that promises not only to meet the requirements of different pedagogical design methods but also to accommodate various MOOC approaches such as cMOOCs or xMOOCs from multiple European Higher education Institutions, with an innovative multilingual component. Check out the EMMA website for the start date of the registrations.

EMMA Course Providers Meeting Napoli 5 September 2014