Kick-Off Meeting for EduTubePlus Takes Place in Athens

September 15, 2008

Partners taking part in the recently launched EduTubePlus project met in Athens on 11 and 12 September for two packed days of meetings and discussions about arrangements for this new initiative. Organised by project manager

Elina Megalou and her team from the

Research Academic Computer Technology Institute of Greece who are leading this project, the convivial atmosphere in Athens proved to be an excellent setting for this meeting which attracted all 16 active members of the EduTubePlus consortium from 12 different European countries.

The purpose of EduTubePlus is to establish a European curriculum related video library and to set up hybrid e-services for the exploitation of video in class. This includes both professionally produced video as well as user-generated video. ATiT will play a role specifically in the piloting of the service and in the support and delivery of various training related activities in relation to user-generated video.

Initial work in the project includes the establishment of selection criteria for video material  to be included in the library as well as the setting up of a common access platform capable of supporting multilingual access and retrieval. A web site for the project will be online shortly and will provide easy access to the latest information about the project as well as all public reports and resources. EduTubePlus is supported under the European Commission's eContent Plus programme.