Re-Use of Media Resources Workshop in Mykonos

June 24, 2010

About 60 broadcasters and others interested in the re-use of video resources met in Mykonos, Greece on 23-24 June. The objective of this workshop was to discuss various metadata schema and initiatives against the background of the EUscreen project which is creating an online resource with more than 30,000 video clips drawn for the archives of European broadcasters. During this meeting, the project team presented the selection criteria that has been drawn up to categorise video resources which will be sorted into 14 primary categories like 'Environment and Nature', 'Politics and Belief, etc...

This video content, which will be made available via Europeana, will also be organised into comparative virtual exhibitions comprising selections of materials from different broadcasters under specific topics, e.g. Eastern European Television vs Western European Television.  Trials using the EUscreen approach will begin in Autumn, 2010. ATiT is a partner in EUscreen, supporting the take-up of these materials in the educational sector.

For a detailled report on the workshop see the EUscreen website.

EUscreen logo
Mykonos Port
on the streets of Mykonos