Tests of Television Archive carried out with European teachers

August 31, 2012

The EUscreen video archive will be officially launched on 13-14 September 2012 at the final EUscreen conference in Budapest, Hungary. The EUscreen project, which started in 2009, has gone through a long development and evaluation process in order to produce an online repository for storing audio-visual television archives.

To support the evaluation process, ATiT has been conducting for more than 3 months in-depth evaluations of the EUscreen site involving teachers and education experts resulting in feedback that is useful for the improvement of the web portal. Over 100 teachers and educational activists across Europe have been invited to look into the usefulness of this portal for the educational process in school.

Positive feedback received from the respondents states that the resources in this website are very worthwhile to help them in building learning scenarios or lesson plans. Educators feel that they are encouraged and enabled to view and explore valuable resources for the creation of teaching and learning material. Another important asset of the EUscreen Portal is the virtual exhibition builder, in which teachers and students can create an exhibition to showcase videos as learning objects.

screen shot from EUscreen