Expertise available on Learning Analytics

October 11, 2016

Learning analytics offer education and training organisations an incredible level of insight into the learning process, allowing them to understand how individual learners are coping, to identify which aspects of a course are effective and to help support learners who are facing difficulties. But working with learning data can also be problematic in many ways and raises a lot of questions related to pedagogy, technology and ethics. For the past 2 years, ATiT has played an active role in the EC supported Learning Analytics Community Europe (LACE) project which is all about sharing expertise in this area with practitioners in schools, universities and the workplace. Check out the resources currently available on the LACE website which includes over 50 video interviews with experts and practitioners, the handy DELICATE checklist for you to use when you set up your own learning analytics system and the LACE evidence hub which provides research papers highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of using learning analytics.  Contact us if you are interested in training or support in this area.