Flemish Schools access to media-rich learning resources and inspiration

November 13, 2010

INgeBEELD is an initiative of the CANON Cultuurcel of the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training and offers a range of highly innovative materials and support resources to teachers and learners in schools aimed at raising levels of media literacy across the curriculum.

An open day held on November 9 provided an opportunity to teachers and others interested in exploring the use of digital media in class to highlight INgeBEELD4 - a rich resource of ideas and resources that aim to move beyond an interpretation of media literacy as simply the adoption of basic media skills. This study day highlighted the new Vlaanderen in Beeld (Flanders in images and pictures) portal which offers rich media resources including the resources becoming available from the archives of VRT, the national broadcaster and included an inspirational talk by Paul Bottleberghs of Ambrosia's Tafel, keynote speaker at the forthcoming Media & Learning conference.

access to INgeBEELD 4
Vlaanderen in Beeld