The Learn@Work State of the Art Report Published

January 8, 2008

Learn@Work is a Socrates Minerva project (2005-2008) focusing on the use of ICT to enhance the induction and continuing support for learners in the workplace. Together with Glasgow Caledonian University, Dublin Institute of Technology, Aalborg University, and The Institute for Future Studies in Innsbruck, ATiT developed pilots and models for training in companies, especially for newcomers. 

The project's main aim was to explore the synthesis between the theories, conceptual frameworks and practices of distance learning, e-learning, work based learning and work placed learning in order to provide the training community with practical examples guidance on the design and implementation of e-supported learning at work.

This State of The Art Report was edited by Marie Bijnens and Mathy Vanbuel and was published at the end of the project in 2007. It contains an overview of the theory on work-based learning and e-Learning on the work floor, and illustrates the theory with extensive descriptions of the pilot applications that were built during the project lifecycle.

More about the Learn@Work Project on the Project Website.

Learn@Work State of the Art Report