VideoAktiv: a Handbook on Digital Video and Audio in Education

November 21, 2007

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the creation and use of web-accessed digital video and audio throughout the education sector. The pedagogical vision is clear: only when video and audio have become routine components of education and e-learning will we have an educational environment that reflects the media-rich world in which we now live. The VideoAktiv Handbook on Digital Video and Audio in Education is designed to assist in creating and using audio and video material for educational purposes. This handbook is one of the products of the VideoAktiv Project, and available also from the VideoAktiv website, where you will find additional useful resources on the use of video in higher and further education. Print copies can be obtained by sending an email to

Educators looking for a justification for the use of video in education, may find in the first chapter “Why I Use Video With My Students” the answers to some of their questions. Institutions or departments investigating the possibilities of using video, will find in the chapter  “Thinking About Educational Video” some pedagogical ammunition in the decision making process. For individual lecturers and course creators, the following more practical chapters may proof most useful: “Using existing material”, “Creating New Material”, “Tips for Producing Video” and “Distributing the Material”. These handholding chapters are useful for those who have the basic skills for video production, distribution and use but who are looking for additional advice. Starters may consider consulting “How to Acquire the Necessary Skills”. The final reference chapters contain “Further resources” on production of (streaming) video, and on existing archives of educational videos, as well as a bibliography.

Editors and main authors of this report are Marie Bijnens, Mathy Vanbuel, Soetkin Verstegen and Clive Young. Contributors are all VideoAktiv project partners: Mireia Asensio, Frank Brown, Mary Cuttle, Clive Young, Ross Little (Glasgow Caledonian University, UK - coordinating institution); Marie Bijnens, Nicky Cortoos, Sally Reynolds, Mathy Vanbuel, Soetkin Verstegen (ATiT, Belgium); Erik Boon, Petra Fischer, Natascha Lubberding, Sylvia Moes, Patris van Boxel, Janneke van der Hulst (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands); Deborah Arnold, Christophe Marand (Université Nancy 2, France); Juan Carlos Olabe, Xabier Basogain Olabe (University of the Basque Country, Spain); Jan Folkert Deinum, André Rosendaal, Gert-Jan Verheij (University of Groningen, The Netherlands).

Cover of the VideoAktiv Handbook on Digital Video and Audio in Education