Training sessions for research project evaluation in Amman, Jordan

December 15, 2009
ATiT is providing training sessions for SRTD, the Support to Research and Technological Development and Innovation Initiatives and Strategies in Jordan. SRTD is a programme of the European Union to enhance the capacity in research, together with the Jordan Higher Council for Science and Technology. The programme consists of Part 1: An Introduction to Proposal Evaluation, and Part 2: An Overview of Evaluator Capacities and Skills, with a special focus on the European Commission 7th Framework Programme. More than 40 researchers from industry, academia as well as from support organisations attended the 4 days of workshops and instruction at the Amman International Hotel in Amman, Jordan, from 13 till 16 December 2009.
Participants who took part in the second session of the Evaluation Workshops
Heracles Temple in Amman by night