Course on Creating Educational Apps held in Leuven

February 17, 2014

From 10 till 14 February 2014 ATiT together with Serge De Beer from LearningTour organised a third week-long hands-on training course to provide teachers and education staff and specialists the basics of creating simple apps for use in the classroom. 14 participants from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden were introduced to the general value apps can have in enhancing learning opportunities for learners of every age. Working in teams, participants then proceeded to conceive, plan and create a simple app for teaching purposes utilising the skills and knowledge they gained throughout the course. At the end of the week the group works were shown to all participants and a few invited guests. The participants enjoyed their stay in Leuven, but also worked really hard and the results were impressive.
ATiT will be providing this course as well as other course opportunities in the future, see also the course offer for example the Media and Learning Association website. If you are interested in following or organising a course with us, contact us.

Educational apps course February 2014