Article published: Rural schools need more than just connectivity

November 20, 2023

As part of ATiT’s work within  the Learning from the Extremes Project, funded by the European Commission, Mathy Vanbuel published an article on connectivity for rural schools on the European School Education Platform. The article emphasizes the unique challenges rural schools face: limited resources, fewer skilled staff, and reduced access to digital learning tools, exacerbated by their socio-economic status and geographical isolation. It highlights the need for more than just connectivity, advocating for comprehensive solutions that include community engagement, infrastructural development, and policy reform. Successful local initiatives, like bringing high-speed internet to remote areas, showcase the potential of technology and community efforts to improve education. The Learning from the Extremes project addresses inequalities of access to digital education by enhancing inclusion and by reducing the digital gap suffered by school communities from remote areas with low connectivity, limited or no access to devices and digital educational tools and content. The Learning from the Extremes  project is co-funded from the  Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions (PPPA) Programme of the European Commission. PPPA is a joint initiative of the European Parliament (EP) and the European Commission (EC).

Ferry on its way to an island