ATiT joins the Fit to Belong Project

September 1, 2019

On September 1 2019 ATiT joined the Erasmus+ Fit to Belong Project. Fit to Belong was initiated by Ilknur Aktas from Manisa Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi in Manisa Turkey, following publication in the UK of the results of a large-scale survey – the BBC Loneliness Experiment - that explored the role of belongingness in different cultures. In the publication, it was clear that a lack of belonging was a common, but often confusing, experience for adolescents. Based on this data, the project partners decided to look for common solutions to help young people manage their loneliness experiences to feel more connected in their communities and schools.

The project consortium combines the research capacity of academics and the educational expertise of teachers and youth workers related to this issue of belongingness among adolescents, specifically among those in transition years. As project outputs, the partners will develop both formal and informal learning and teaching materials. These outputs will aim at supporting adolescents to create a sense of value and belonging within their environments and communities. ATiT is the partner with responsibility for the technical outputs of the project. More info about Fit to Belong on the Project web site. 

Fit to Belong logo