Information Architecture Students interview eLearning Experts and Practitioners

January 31, 2013
On this blog (partially in French) PhD students from the study programme INF-1_4 Masters in Information Architecture of the ENS in Lyon (France) interview a selection of researchers, experts and practitioners amongst who we find Preetha Ram, co-founder of Open Study; Mathieu d’Aquin, researcher at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) of the Open University UK at Milton Keynes; Johan Palsson, responsible for e-learning with Volvo Penta in Sweden; Marcel Lebrun, Professor and Consultant in Education Technologies at Université de Louvain in Belgium; Shawn Young, teacher and PhD student who got his masters in Education entirely via e-learning; Mathy Vanbuel, consultant and educational media expert; Denis Bédard, Professor at the Faculty of Education Sherbrooke, and director of CEDIT; and finally Thomas Michael Power, Professor at the Faculty of Education Sciences of Université de Laval in Canada. This interesting mix of views and perspectives gives a broad view on technology for education. Mathy Vanbuel talks about usability and learning management systems.
Preetha Ram, co-founder of Open Study