MEDEA Channel on YouTube

March 10, 2010

The MEDEA Awards team has been busy with redesigning the MEDEA website and producing a media gallery with best-practice showcases that, thanks to the MEDEA:EU project, includes recorded interviews with the 2009 award winners, finalists and participants in the Highly Commended category. These interviews are now available on the  MEDEA YouTube Channel.

Visit this channel to see excerpts from 2009 winners and interviews with the representatives of Know IT All for Primary Schools, Daisy and Drago, Traditions across Europe, Eyes on the Skies, Planet SciCast, INgeBEELD and Neu in Berlin. You can embed the interviews on your own website or blog and by logging in you can subscribe to our channel, rate the interviews and let us know what you think of them by adding your own comments!

Screenshot of the MEDEA YouTube Channel
Screenshot of the interviews with the 2009 award winners