EMMA - Platform for Aggregating European MOOCs - presented at eMOOCs 2014

February 13, 2014

Over 400 people attended eMOOCs 2014 - the second European MOOCs Stakeholder Summit held in Lausanne, Switzerland from 10-12 February. This conference involved representatives from the large MOOC providers like Coursera, edX and Futurelearn as well as many university decision-makers keen to explore the various platforms available for them to use to distribute their MOOCs. Many questions arose about the future of MOOCs in Europe - should we opt for national platforms like FUN in France launched by the Ministry of Education or opt instead for OpenupEd - the MOOCs initiative launched by EADTU. Sally Reynolds from ATiT presented EMMA, a new initiative partially supported by the European Commission under the CIP programme which brings together 9 well-known universities in an effort to establish an open European MOOC aggregator service providing translation and transcription services for the MOOCs it provides. More about the conference.

Pierre Dillenbourg from EPFL Switzerland and the chair of the event opening the conference