Global Youth Anti-Corruption Forum 2010 brings together youth leaders from all over the world

May 30, 2010

The Global Youth Anti-Corruption Forum, held in Brussels from 26-28 May, brought together almost 50 young civil society leaders, musicians, and journalists from around the World to exchange their experiences and to formulate action plans to fight corruption in their countries.

This dynamic event aimed at strengthening the Global Youth Anti-Corruption network (GYAC) by engaging emerging leaders, many of whom come from Fragile States, in a dialogue to build stronger social accountability mechanisms.

The forum combined discussions, musical sessions and the creation of a dynamic online community to support the work of these young leaders as they advocate for good governance to be more effective in the fight against corruption.

Apart from the main working group of young civil society leaders, the forum also supported the emergence of a strong network of young journalists who will collaborate on a global level to play a strategic role in promoting good governance. These journalists are supported by the European Center for Journalism.

The Forum also supported the work of young musicians who have been promoting the message of fighting corruption all over the world. Three of the winning bands from the DRC, Palestine and Malawi were selected to take part in the Forum through their participation in a competition organised by Jeunesses Musicales International.

The Forum concluded with a performace of a special song promoting the anti-corruption message composed and performed by the three bands in the Beursschouwburg, Brussels where this event took place. This forum was supported by the World Bank, visit the GYAC website for more information.

Forum gathering youth leaders from all over the world
Mafilika from Malawi performing during the forum at the Beursschouburg, Brussels
Discussion during the Forum
Poster for the Forum