SAILS project partners meet at King’s College London

May 19, 2013

The SAILS partners gathered for a 2 day general meeting for the third time, on 16-17 May in London. The meeting was hosted by the partners from King’s College, who were also the organisers of a teacher education workshop the Wednesday before. At this workshop experienced teachers in the field of inquiry science teaching were invited to discuss and try out some assessment methodologies together with some of the SAILS partners. During the next two project meeting days the time was well used to discuss different assessment methodologies that could be used in classrooms aiming to set a first framework for an overall assessment strategy for inquiry based science education.

In the next period SAILS partners will carry out further research on assessment frameworks and instruments that could be used for IBSE skills. From September onwards all countries will initiate a new series of workshops with their teachers, trying out together with them the newly developed assessment methodologies. Furthermore online national and European Communities of Practice have been set up on the project website and all practitioners (teachers, educators, researchers) and everybody else interested are invited to join these online communities to discuss and share content about inquiry based science and the assessment strategies they find useful.

ATiT are partners in this project with responsibility for dissemination. Information about SAILS is available from the project website.

SAILS Project Partners in front of King's College
SAILS Project Meeting