Live video from the H Hart Hospital Leuven to the ESHRE2012 Conference in Istanbul

July 3, 2012

On Tuesday 3 July 2012 ATiT produced a three hour live broadcast from 3 operation theatres in the hospital of the H. Hart in Leuven, Belgium, to the International Conference and Exhibition Centre in Istanbul, Turkey. This HDTV broadcast demonstrated live endoscopic surgeries by renowned medical experts from Belgium, France and Spain to an audience of almost 1000 medical experts, surgeons and academics at the 2012 ESHRE Conference. Viewers could ask questions and discuss directly with the surgeons in the operation theatre more than 2500 Kms removed. Thanks to the high quality endoscopic devices from Storz, the image quality in the Anadolu theatre was impressive.

An impression from the Anadolu Theatre at the ESHRE2012 Conference